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What happens if I get into trouble overseas? (podcast)

What happens if I get into trouble overseas? (podcast)Event Type Podcast

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In this episode Amy is joined by Nicholas Stewart, Partner at Dowson Turco Lawyers, to unpack what you should and shouldn’t do if you get into legal trouble while travelling overseas. After experiencing her own legal scare in South America, Amy gets Nicks view on whether she handled it the right way. Plus they answer some common travel law questions like, “Should I always ask for a Lawyer”, or “What if I’m asked to give a bribe?” Because you never know when the information in this episode could come in handy?

The themes discussed in this episode relate to global issues of a general nature. Local laws with vary and you should get specific legal advice relating to your situation.

28 minutes


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Presented by Lawfully Explained in association with The Law Society of NSW.

This content was provided for Tasmania Law Week 2024, which runs from 20 to 26 May 2024. It is general legal information only and not legal advice.



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